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First-line training for homeopaths, individuals and local health care personnel. Second and third-line training for professional homeopaths. Learn to use homeopathic complexes developed by Martine Jourde for HTSF-Canada.


HTSF-Canada aims to empower communities in need of health care and therefore, focuses on the practical transfer of homeopathic knowledge for the sustainable development of developing areas, regions, and communities, both in Canada and abroad. This transfer is done through first-line training for individuals and local health care personnel and second and third-line training for professional homeopaths.

First-Line Training

Based on her 45 years of clinical experience in different continents, countries and communities, Martine Jourde has developed a unique approach of first phase acute primary health care, wellness and self care, easily applicable by families and populations in need. The judicious use of 13 complexes, acting synergistically, makes it possible to cover the vast majority of acute health problems.

For more than 15 years now, first HTSF, and now HTSF-Canada, have used these 13 complexes with great success in homeopathic missions abroad, with underprivileged populations in Honduras (link to mission page) and Haiti (link to mission page). In addition, many homeopaths in Quebec, and more and more in Ontario, use them regularly in their own professional practice, as well as in training their clients and families.

To maximize the benefits of the 13 complexes, training by a homeopath with expertise in their judicious use is necessary. These complexes give their full potential of action when they are given in prescription protocols, that is to say the combination or alternation of two complexes, sometimes even three, according to a therapeutic and clinical logic that one must know and understand. Hence the need to follow this training to acquire the know-how. Moreover, it is an excellent way for homeopaths at the beginning of their practice to develop their clientele by training families to use them. Experience has shown that families use them easily and successfully, ask for them for their own health care, and then consult their homeopath for chronic problems, which contributes to the development of a clientele.

Having regularly given HTSF trainings as a mission leader in Honduras, using HTSF complexes as homeopathic remedies at the heart of her clinical practice, Carla Marcelis, former president of HTSF, was the ideal person to organize, put online and teach this new training component for HTSF-Canada with the help of Christian Aubry, who has used the complexes for many years and is a long time colleague of Martine Jourde. In addition, to accommodate the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, they have added the 13th complex, HTSF GRIPPE/INFLUENZA, which will be the subject of a separate unit on all its facets of use. This online training consists of 8 units:

  • Unit 1: Introduction to the HTSF-Canada approach
  • Unit 2: Trauma and pain HTSF-TRAUMA and MAN
  • Unit 3: Infections, HTSF-VIRAL, MS and MAM1
  • Unit 4: Respiratory Conditions HTSF-BRO and PULMO
  • Unit 5: Digestive tract diseases HTSF-INTOX and DIA
  • Unit 6: Convalescence and Recovery HTSF-DRAIN, DRAM, and CAR
  • Unit 7: A 13th complex: the use of HTSF-GRIPPE/INFLUENZA
  • Unit 8: Testimonials on the use of HTSF
Only *$200 CAD

*Online course available to current HTSF-Canada Regular Members or HTSF-Canada Associate Members only.
This course can be taken online at your own pace.

Second-Line & All Lines Clinical Course

This training for the care for the exacerbation phase of chronic inflammation or dysfunction of metabolic systems. It also covers incorporating the acute First-Line into clinic use and the understanding of the Third-Line remedies and how to develop new remedies to add to the current 55 HTSF remedies. This training is aimed exclusively at professional homeopaths. Entirely revised, this 2023 training presents a unique knowledge based on the clinical experience of more than 40 years of professional practice of homeopathy by Martine Jourde providing a synthetic and integrative approach based on notions such as constitutional and diathesis homeopathy, epigenetic factors and adaptive capacities, the influence of seasons, etc.

Only *$500 CAD

Starts on June 2nd 2023 for English version and June 3rd 2023 for French version.
Email Secretary(@)htsf-canada.ca for registration details.

Second Line Complexes Training Pricing:
One time payment: $500 by October 1st, 2023
(This greatly reduced price will only be available once. Future offers of this course will see a price increase).

Necessary prerequisites:
1. Completed the HTSF First Line course either in person or online/certificate.
2. Being a Homeopath and current member of HTSF-Canada.

Email Secretary(@)htsf-canada.ca for registration details.

*Online course available to current HTSF-Canada Regular Members or HTSF-Canada Associate Members only.

HTSF Training

Through the generous support of HTSF-Canada and its members professional homeopathic education is provided to ensure homeopaths in Canada can learn and use the HTSF system of remedies with their clients, families and community. Please consider donating to help support HTSF-Canada in this mission.


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