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Get involved with what HTSF-Canada has to offer today.

The more members we have involved in our work, the more HTSF-Canada’s presence can be expanded, and the more activities we can undertake to support communities through a collective approach to homeopathy led by professional homeopaths.
Together we represent an incredible strength in a gentle way: Similarity in action!

Become a Member

HTSF-Canada offers three levels of membership:

Regular Member for Registered Professional Homeopaths
Associate Member for unregistered Homeopaths
Friend of HTSF-Canada for non-homeopaths

HTSF-Canada relies on members like you!

Take a Course

First-Line HTSF course online.

This course is open to homeopaths wanting to learn about using the HTSF method for their clients, families and communities.
The Second-Line course for professional homeopaths is starting on June 2nd 2023 and will be an online course in 2024.
We intend to add other courses to our online school in order to support homeopaths and communities.

Volunteer on a Project

HTSF-Canada is a not-for-profit driven by the work and passion of volunteers.

Consider joining a committee with our Board, offer skills or expertise, help organize a mission, help develop one of the ongoing projects.
We need your support and involvement in order to keep growing and meeting our goals.

Be part of our activities for the education and deployment of
collective homeopathy to populations in need!