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HTSF-Canada is a Canadian non-profit organization (NPO) that works in partnership with communities in Canada and overseas with the goal to empower them in their primary health care, wellness and comfort needs with homeopathy as a support.

In our work with communities, we collaborate with many heath stakeholders: health professionals, community leaders, women and mothers, health and social science researchers, farmers, governmental and non -governmental organizations (NGOs), representatives of religious institutions, etc. The diverse expertise from these organizations and individuals is brought together in a holistic manner allowing for a formulation of needs and building of a program of training and support using homeopathy as a tool. 

Particular attention is also devoted to the quality of the immediate environment of communities, air, water, soil, plants, and livestock, which are an integral part of the living environment of populations and have a considerable influence on their health. It is impossible to treat the health of populations without this integrative approach of the human being in the whole of his living environment. 

This integrated focus on life and health interwoven with homeopathy as support has been able to bridge with traditional native knowledge, know-how, and practical philosophy, thus bypassing social-cultural obstacles with respect and with autonomy. It has made development actions understood from all sides and realized by continuous involvement of community volunteers (link to become a member page).

Our Vision

HTSF-Canada’s goal is to empower local communities with logistical and knowledge capacity in integrated health care, self-care, well-being and comfort. HTSF-Canada, therefore, works primarily on the practical transfer of homeopathic knowledge in the perspective of sustainable development of developing regions and communities.

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